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Neumann-Reichardt-Str.27-33, Haus 12, 22041 Hamburg
VTW Automotive GmbH.
Promote automotive electronics step international specialized company.
Our ability make VTW get unique position in the market.
Our competitiveness:

     1.Global resource combinations:
     VTW research for market requirement and development trend,make we explore,develop and proceed with the customers at the same time.

     2.Cost control ability:
     VTW unique industrialization progress,integration for products manufacturing process,promote itself enterprise products, thus promote
     external competitiveness.

     3.Professional team:
     VTW set up long-time cooperation relationship with the customer and get customer's trust,professional work envrioment,let we have more
     popularize itself advantage opportunity.

     4.Synchronization with the customer:
     our factory distribute in Weihai of Asia,Thailand and Brazil of South America,logistics distribute in Hamburg, Hongkong,Shanghai,Tokyo and
     so on.Come to the customer,enjoy the trust of customer.

VTW Automotive GmbH Add: Neumann-Reichardt-Str.27-33,Haus 12 22041 Hamburg