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VTW Automotive GmbH.
Promote automotive electronics step international specialized company.
VTW Introduction:

     VTW is a global automotive electronics、wire harness parts production and service supplier,rely on European automotive electronics industry
     advantage, we already expand business to South America and Asia step by step.Realize technology global shared idea.

     In Europ our main function is:integration each company interior logistics,purchase and information localization operation,at the same time supply
     their company relevant products to European customers.Spread European exquisite auto parts technology to each auto await to develop and
     developing market, VTW become a information bridge,At the same time, in our other regional factory,our employees produce advanced
     echnology and cost advantage products, serve to various regions customers,we become world products "truck man".

     Accumulation and inheritance,let VTW become world auto manufacture qualified supplier of VW,Brose,Valeo,Continental,Bosch and Johnson,
     have the honor to grow up and develop together with them.Matched car type cover Japanese series,French series,Korean series and Chinese

     VTW is a global enterprise,plurilingual team,at the same time, respect different culture of different region,realize high standard enterprise
     requirement together.

Mission & Vision:

     Regard customer as concern;
     Customers somer-centric attitude,make we can respond each requirement quickly and neatly,supply approval and excellent products to global
     various regional custatisfaction is VTW fine business performance basis,VTW supply efficient and competitive products and technology to
     ustomers,as main task, customers.

     VTW realize itseft production and development,meanwhile,pay more attention to our products quality,cost,delivery and environment influence.
     Optimize our logistic,technology and product quality,cater to growing market competition.

Focus and concentration:
     Pay attention to world auto development trend,promote itself level continuously.    
     Concentrate industry development trend,become the enterprise with advanced idea,innovate continuously,concentrate to form itself culture.
     VTW concentrate the future and strive to become reliant supplier of customers.
     Meanwhile,for itselft operate process influence to enviroment,we will monitor and optimize and make glorious future for human being together.
VTW Automotive GmbH Add: Neumann-Reichardt-Str.27-33,Haus 12 22041 Hamburg